To maximize the benefits of capitalism and business ownership based on a fundamental belief that employees are the most valuable asset of a company, and that company financial performance accelerates when wealth is shared with employees. 
Core Values

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People Investors
We believe people are the greatest asset to a company, and we believe in investing accordingly. Investment first in people produces the best outcomes for all.
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Multiplier Effect
Improving the lives of others has a ripple effect, as they in turn do the same. At Legacy Press Ventures, we seek to create this ripple effect for our company, for our clients, and for our client's employees.
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Action-Oriented Empathy
Empathy is the ability to see, feel, and understand others. In all circumstances, we will seek first to understand and empathize, and will then direct our actions based on that gained understanding and empathy.
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Authentic Integrity
We are honest with ourselves and others.  We believe in orienting everything around truth and integrity. In our affairs with our employees as well as our clients, we will be authentic, transparent, and will act with the utmost integrity.
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Efficient and Effective
We will be both efficient and effective. We believe in being accurate and are progress-oriented.  
Passion Statements
We are so values-oriented, we took it one step further and created our passion statements. We find we fit best with companies that share these values.

1. The idea of shared capitalism and actually doing something to close the economic divides that are currently growing in our country.

2. Freeing highly effective and efficient people so they can do greater things.

3. Recognizing and helping a class of hard workers who have what it takes to be business owners, but due to socio-economic issues they are unable to do become business owner.

4. “Break bread with who baked it with you.”