Our Team

Jack Ogilvie, Partner

Jack founded Techwood Consulting, a digital media agency, in 2008, and helped build the company to 90 clients and 25 employees as of 2018.  Techwood is a recipient of both the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies as well as the Inc. Best Workplaces awards.


An engineering graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Jack has deep understanding for ‘how’.  Jack lead Techwood’s acquisition of Silkworm Media, a paid media company, as well as the sale of Techwood Consulting.   His breadth of understanding of company financial, legal and operational aspects is central to Legacy Press’s strength with valuation, designing sale ters, and structuring management compensation models.


Jack and his wife, Anne, have three children and his hobbies include entrepreneurship, playing with his kids, climbing and being active, reading, and following NBA basketball. Lastly but most significant, Jack comes from a broken past and has firsthand seen the restorative power of faith and more importantly grace, which he views as the cornerstone of his life today.

Noel Hayden

Noel Hayden, Partner

Noel has an eclectic background. He worked at a summer camp for eight years, taught high school, developed a new internship based education program, and worked with the DOE (the Department of Energy) researching Bioenergy. Along the way, he picked up a BS in Mathematics and Economics from Calvin College, an MA in Applied Economics from Michigan State, a Bloomberg Equity Certification, and a teaching degree from Grand Valley University.


Throughout his varied background, Noel has always had a passion for the analytical and finding incentives to help others succeed. Helping students pursue their entrepreneurial gifts and explore internships was a blessing to him. While he was a research assistant he loved developing surveys to get at unobservable behavior, using focus groups to refine the questionnaires and data analysis to interpret the results. Noel is excited to be a part of a team focused on economic wins for both owners and employees.


Noel has been married to his wonderful wife, Annie, for three years. Together, they love to play board games and enjoy God’s creation. As a hobby he competes in adventure races some lasting over 12 hours. More than anything, Noel has overwhelming gratitude for the grace he has been given and an unexplainable joy found through his faith in Christ.

Chad Crowe, Partner

Growing up Chad struggled with reading and writing until his family learned that he had Dyslexia, which created challenges but also spurred a passion in Chad for communications. This passion lead him to study both mass and organizational communications, achieving Undergraduate and Masters degrees in these disciplines.


In 2015, Chad started Silkworm Media, a paid media company ad agency. Utilizing mass communication, Chad guided Silkworm to develop an exceptional marketing service utilizing both search engines and social media. More importantly, Chad’s organizational communication skills molded Silkworm’s culture into one of uniqueness and allure, with strong employee engagement, loyalty, and retention.  It was this culture that lead to the acquisition of his company by Techwood Consulting, an acquisition that has been the catalyst for Techwood’s consistent growth.